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Car Lifts by BendPak® and Ranger® Shop Equipment
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Storage and Parking Auto Lifts

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Model Descriptions Price
HD 9ST 9,000 lb. Cap., 4 post lift for home garages-standard $2,855
HD-9 9,000 lb. Cap., 4 post lift for home garages-wide $2,945
HD-9STX 9,000 lb cap., 4 post lift for home garages -high standard $2,970
HD-9XW 9,000 lb cap., 4 post lift for home garages -high wide $3,0600
CASTER KIT Makes lift portable $   265
DRIP PANS 48” x 24” (set of three) $    55
SLIDING JACK TRAY For use w/bottle jack to access wheels (non adjustable) $   140
Telescoping Jack Tray Adjustable $   320
Rolling Bridge Jack Pneumatic $   1125

HD-Series and HDS-Series 4-Post lifts represent the very best in-class construction, materials, technology and safety, with exclusive features that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Favored both by professional automotive garages and dedicated DIY'ers, our four-post lifts are some of the most versatile in existence. Our HD and HDS series lifts are optimized for performance, featuring unprecedented safety and control, advanced hydraulic systems for enhanced productivity and extended operation even when used for the most demanding applications.

Ever since the first BP-Series 4-Post lifts hit the market in 1984, the BendPak® logo has inspired confidence in the service professionals who spend their days beneath our equipment. Of course, much has changed in the way of technology since the early days of BendPak®, but what hasn't changed is their commitment to the end-user and the care that they invest into the design of each automotive four-post lift. Those things will always be a part of what makes these lifts pure BendPak®.

If it drives, one of our HD-Series and HDS-Series 4-Posts can probably lift it. These lifts also pull double-duty as convenient storage solutions. Securely leave your weekend car raised on the lift, while your day-to-day ride easily parks beneath it. Each HD-Series 4-Post model comes in several specialized configurations, be it super-tall, wide, narrow, space-saver or regular, so you're sure to find the perfect lift. All BendPak® lifts are backed by 45 years of excellence and a reputation that carries as much weight as the lift itself. We're proud to have these HD and HDS-Series lifts in our lineup, and you'll be proud to have one in your shop or garage.





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