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Car Lifts by BendPak® and Ranger® Shop Equipment
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Prices include delivery to Continental US.
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Blue Bullet Bender with B-1 Die Package



Blue-Bullet Bender with B-2 Die Package



1302 Automatic with 202 Die Package



1302 Automatic with 302 Die Package



1502 Automatic with 202 Die Package



1502 Automatic with 302 Die Package



1302 Digital Automatic with 202 Die Package



1302 Digital Automatic with 302 Die Package



1502 Digital Automatic with 202 Die Package



1502 Digital Automatic with 302 Die Package


3" die pkg Large (purchase w/bender) $ 850
  3" die pkg Small (purchase w/bender) $ 665
  Card System (purchase w/bender) $ 740

Prices include shipping.  It is customer's responsibility to take equipment off delivery truck.

Price includes delivery.  Estimated delivery time 10-14 days.  CALL:  - to order.  We take American Express, Master Card, VISA, Discover or check.

Pipe benders are the longest running legacy at BendPak®, and as the inspiration for the first half of our name, we take particular pride in each one we design, manufacture and roll out. Every new line of pipe benders builds upon the success of its predecessor, ensuring another step of pure pipe bending perfection with each model.

We've been at this for more than three decades and we have a crystal clear view of what works and what doesn't. But more than anything else, our single overriding priority with each pipe bender we create is unmatched performance and quality. BendPak® assembly personnel and R&D teams test each bender as it comes off the assembly line, closely scrutinizing every detail to make sure it works as good as or better than designed. The BendPak® name has long stood for the benchmark of quality. When it comes to a BendPak® Bender, it's like our name's on it twice.

Sure our benders are powerful, but at BendPak® we're in the business of empowering you. That's why we offer an entire spectrum of bender models with different architectures to suit your personal bending styles. Our classic Blue Bullet series of manual benders is perfect for fabricators who love working with their hands, but we also offer feature-rich, digitally controlled automatic and semi-automatic benders if you're looking for extreme machine precision. Or, if you work with your back to the wall, check out the side-loading swager models. Giving you the complete package, BendPak® standard and deluxe die packages ensure that whatever specialty bend you're going for, you can achieve it on your BendPak® Bender. We've been making benders for longer than most companies have been in business—it's safe to call us the bending authority.




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