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Model PCL-16
Heavy Duty Portable Column Lift

Safety System Safety System
Independent locking device acting directly between column and carriage.
Lifting System Lifting System
Hardened, stainless steel supported in hanging bearing. Recirculating ball nut in wear-resistant, low-maintenance, splash-proof and dirt-repelling design.
Optional Support Stand Optional Support Stands
Support stands with optional spring assists and fine thread adjustment.
Keypad for column lift System Controls
The PCL-16's controls are easy to use and feature up/down and emergency stop buttons.
Model MCL-16 Heavy Duty Mobile Column Lift
Bend-Pak's PCL-16 Heavy Duty Portable Column Lift, is available in configurations of 4, or 6 columns with a total combined lifting capacity as high as 99,000 pounds. No other mobile lifting system matches the PCL-16 for safety, durability, flexibility, and ease-of-operation. Whether you need to lift a bus, fleet vehicle, or fire truck, there is an PCL-16 system designed to meet your needs.

Since the PCL-16 system is mobile, there is no installation. All you need is a flat, stable floor surface and a three-phase power source making it possible for inside or outside use. The PCL-16 system's controls are easy to use and feature up/down and emergency stop buttons.

A precision, hardened, ball bearing screw-nut assembly suspended from the top of the column provides the lifting power. Don't worry about service or maintenance issues becuase of the expected life of our ball bearing screw-nut design is much greater than typical outdated, low-cost acme thread technology.

State-of-the-art security features are built into the electrical micro-processor control system. Built-in features that stop the mobile lift from operating in case of electrical failure or overload and an electrical phase-sequence relay which automatically checks the rotation of the motors and makes micro-adjustments for precise leveling. If one motor phase is cut off, the system stops automatically.

Our steel hardened flange-beam and screw-nut design is much lighter than hydraulic versions, (hundreds of pounds lighter per column!) and allows optimum mobility and visibility, which is especially important for maneuvering and positioning.
heavy truck mobile column Lift 99,000 Pound Load
Individual columns with a weight capacity of 16,500 pounds each can be used in sets of four, ot six, with a max combined load capacity of 99,000 pounds.
- 16,500 pound lifting capacity per column
- Available in configurations of 4, 6 or 8 columns
- Maximum system capacity is 96,000 pounds
- Integrated electronic self-diagnostic functions
- Mobile power supply unit eliminates need for a master column
- Low-friction, re-circulating, ball-screw lifting system
- Power consumption is just 1.5Kw per column
- Fuse protected - only 16-amps for 4-columns
- Space saving column and reduced weight (just 920 each) for easy mobility.
- Automatic synchronization and communication between columns for precise, level lifting
- Simple operation
- Automatic independent safety lock devices ensures high level of safety
- Manual emergency lowering controls
- Quick-disconnect plugs for fast and efficient set-up
- Upper and lower, non-contact limit and safety switches
- Long service life and simple maintenance
- Three seperate modes of operation
- Integrated sensors for detecting load nut wear and/or failure
- Integrated sensors for detecting motor phase failure
- Shut-off device activates if load comes in contact with obstacle(s)
- Operator monitoring and automatic leveling control
- Durable powder-coat finish
- Made in USA / ALI/ETL certified
Lifting Cap./each column 16,500 lbs./7500kg.
A Height 8'1" 2350mm
B Max. Lifting Height 5'9" 1752mm
C Length Lifting Fork 1'   270mm
D Length 3'6" 1090mm
E Width Lifting Fork 1'11"   600mm

Total Width

3'9" 1150mm
Turning Circle
3'7" 1100mm
Tire Size
12R-24.00 to 10.00-20.00
Column Weight/Ea.
920 lbs.   417 kg

Lifting Speed

105 seconds  
Motor 2hp 208/230 or 440/480v, 3 ph, 60 Hz

PCL16-4 (set of four)
- $25,875
PCL16-6 (set of six)- $40,195 (3ph only)
PLS-16 (Support Stand)-$1,055




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