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Two Post Lifts: MaxJax™ Lifting System

For portability, compact storage, and convenience, no automotive lift on the market today compares to the MaxJax Portable Two Post Lifting System by Dannmar. This portable two post lift is perfect for low-clearance ceilings and home garages. Need a quick oil change? Don't have the room for bulky four post and two post lifts? Need to be able to use vehicles lanes when not working on your vehicles? Well need no further because the MaxJax Lift gives you all the convenience of a regular two post lift, but without permanently taking up a vehicle lane.
Don't miss your chance to own one of the hottest new products coming to the market in the automotive service industry today. Order your MaxJax today. 


PRICE: $2099 (includes delivery)

The MaxJax can also be used as a Motorcycle Lift Low-Ceiling Solution
The MaxJax™ garage lift fits in any garage with ceilings less than eight feet high.
Portable Two Post Auto Lift by Dannmar Leave Vehicle Lanes Clutter-Free
A two-post lift with built-in wheels that allows you to use the lift when you need it, then conveniently store it out of the way when not in use keeping your garage and vehicle lanes clutter-free.

Dannmar MaxJax Power Unit Assembly Flush Mount Anchor Bolts
Flush-mount anchors are installed in your concrete floor and remain there permanently. The columns are bolted to the floor using 5/8" anchor bolts that thread into the flush-mount anchors. Click here to see how strong these bolts are when properly installed.
  Adjustable Lift Arms
The MaxJax™ system comes with fully adjustable lift arms that could easily reach factory lift points providing safe and effective way of lifting vehicles.

  Wheels-Free Convenience
A lifting system that provides wheels-free convenience for quick brake and tire service and clear undercarriage access of all types of vehicles.

  Ample Under Car Clearance
A space-saving lift with a lifting height that provides ample clearance under the vehicle for comfortable service of almost any passenger car and light truck.

  Optional ATV Adapters
Optional ATV adapters easily convert the MaxJax™ system into a full-service motorcycle lift.


  • Each MaxJax™ system comes with a cast iron gear flow divider providing precisely equalized lifting
  • A dual voltage single-phase Power Unit is small enough to be stored out of the way
  • Built-in wheels gives this two post auto lift portability when you need it
  • Optional Motorcycle Adapters
  • Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Maintenance free load bearings
  • Solid steel safety lock bars
  • Detailed safety instructions
  • 24-month limited warranty
  • Ability to create multiple installation positions
  • Industrial grage hydraulic cylinders
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Portable power unit cart


  • Lifting Capacity: 6,000 Lbs. / 2727 Kg.
  • Style: Portable Two Post Lift
  • Overall Height: 89" / 2261 mm.
  • Height of Column: 64" / 1626 mm.
  • Typical Width (Outside of Base Plate): 105" - 125" / 2667 mm. - 3175 mm.
  • Arm Reach (Min.): 24" / 610 mm.
  • Arm Reach (Max.): 44" / 610 mm.
  • Min. Pad Height: 3.5" / 89 mm.
  • Max. Lift Height (Pad only): 45" / 1143 mm.
  • Max. Lift Height (With 3" Adapter): 48" / 1321 mm.
  • Motor: 110-220 VAC / 50-60 Hz. 1Ph.
  • Time of full Rise: 30-Seconds
  • Individual Column Weight: 300 Lbs. / 136 Kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 880 Lbs. / 399 Kg.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 14" x 64" x 40" / 356 mm. x 1626 mm. x 1016 mm.
  • PRICE: $2099 (includes shipping)       
Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. It is best to confirm these specifications with a sales representative at the time of purchase.



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